Writers' Café relaunch

Wc relaunch
Location:CMHA building
Address:Apt 107 918 Harford St Woodstock Map
Start date:September 4, 2019
Time:01:00 PM – 03:00 PM

The Writers' Café is a joint venture between the Canadian Mental Health Association and Operation Sharing. It is open not only to the Operation Sharing and CMHA families but to the community as a whole.

The focus of the Writers’ Café is on various aspects related to writing, including the following:
Facilitating writing on the computer (including computer literacy);
Teaching English and English as a second language;
Creative writing (this could include short stories, poems or books);
Résumes and cover letters;
Writing stories for Operation Sharing’s newsletter, Helping in Unity, and the Oxford Self Help newsletter;
Incorporates one-on-one with Ian IT support for individuals experiencing difficulty with
laptops, tablets etc.
• PLEASE NOTE Wi-Fi can only be accessed via recognised CMHA laptops
Maths tutoring, one-on-one computer instruction and life skills training e.g. budgeting
(an extended family program)

The program is free and open to all ages.
Please contact Operation Sharing at 519-539-3361 or the CMHA at 519-539-8055 for more information.