Kids Cartooning Parties

Location:Winged Canvas Art Hub
Address:185 Bullock Drive, Unit #1 Markham Map
Start date:July 8, 2017
End date:July 8, 2018
Time:11:00 AM – 02:00 PM

Celebrate your child’s birthday or other milestone with a custom Cartooning party! Your child and their friends will learn to draw their favourite characters, plus enjoy open drawing time, guided by one of our Artist Instructors. Best of all, your party gets to use the entire studio space - no sharing with other parties!

$260 Cartooning Party Package for up to 10 participants includes:​

1-hour step by step cartooning lesson with a Winged Canvas Artist Instructor (everyone draws the same thing)
Cartooning subject is designed around a theme of your choice
Open drawing for the remainder of the party
1 free class for the birthday child
$20 off Winged Canvas coupon for each guest
Every child gets to take home their creations and learn drawing techniques!
Private use of our spacious studio - you are the only party
Includes complimentary coffee and tea for adults
Additional participants: $18/participant. The studio can accommodate up to 40 participants.
Add-on: One hour of face painting ($40)
Add-on: Caricature artist to draw original cartoons for each guest ($12/guest)

Party booking times (please contact us if you would like to request a different date/time):

Saturdays: 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM
Sundays: 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM


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