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CPK Interior Products
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Precision is Everything
At CpK, precision runs much deeper than the detailed surface of our cast skin automotive interior products. Providing expertise at every phase of our world-class automotive parts manufacturing process, and with the deepest bench of manufacturing and product experts in the industry, we deliver award winning craftsmanship synchronized with your vehicle goals.

The CpK advantage starts with our proprietary compounding of performance materials, where process innovation blends with plastics engineering to deliver unsurpassed efficiency and optimum performance in every automotive part we create. Shape the future with our proficiency in mould tuning and design plus always receive the latest technology in graining, material haptics and colour.

We’re here for you whether you require assistance in design for manufacturing, materials processing, tooling, moulding, assembly, sequencing, delivery, logistics, or the orchestration of any or all of these. Our fine-tuned capabilities allow infinite combinations to meet the unique specifications of the Original Equipment Manufacturers and Tier One automotive interior suppliers, seamlessly and successfully. At CPK we strive to be the leading interior automotive suppliers in North America.

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