Touched - Directed by Karl R. Hearne

Touched poster 8x12 sept2018 small  1
Location:Carlton Cinema
Address:20 Carlton Street Toronto Map
Start date:November 16, 2018
End date:November 22, 2018
Time:12:15 PM – 10:15 PM

Provided by Maison 4:3, "Touched" is a ghostly, genre-hopping mystery. A young woman (Lola Flanery) disappears from her building and her solitary landlord (Hugh Thompson) becomes obsessed with tracking her down. The landlord’s search for his missing tenant sends him on a strange adventure. Guided by a little girl – who may be the vanished tenant as a child – odd things begin to happen and the landlord struggles to figure out what’s real. The child’s kindness may be his only source of light and hope, but she is also leading him down a rabbit hole… and he may not be able to see his tenant or the surface again.

*Showtimes vary by date