TAIWANfest Toronto: The Stories of Independence

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Location:Harbourfront Centre
Start date:August 26, 2022
End date:August 28, 2022
Time:05:00 PM – 07:00 PM

What does independence mean? Is it the freedom to write our own stories, to build bridges with those around us, or learn from the hardship in our past? Is it really independence if one is held back from embracing their identities or idiosyncrasies in a society that purports to be free?

These are the questions that will echo as TAIWANfest returns to Harbourfront Centre in Toronto this August 26 to 28 alongside our friends from Indonesia and Malaysia to hear, taste, and see the Stories of Independence that lie behind the music, food, and the arts.

Drawing from their Indigenous roots and fusing it with new genres in their music, the four multi-talented musicians of Kanatal, each from different Indigenous groups in Taiwan, present Peace: a musical showcase to transcend the boundaries that language, race, and geography set and bring attractive music to all who listen. Alongside the TAIWANfest Orchestra, Maestro Ken Hsieh will head the Stories of Independence concert, highlighting some of the musical sounds and stories that those in Taiwan and southeast Asia can connect to. Sit back for films at Cinematic Taiwan and watch a Montreal man return to his homeland of Malaysia to fight for an environmentalist cause in A Time to Swim, or see how the memory of political suppression lingers in the Taiwanese city of Kaohsiung in Taste of Wild Tomato.

Join us at TAIWANfest from August 26 to 28! For more details, visit https://torontotaiwanfest.ca/.