TAIWANfest Toronto: Kanatal, TAIWANfest Orchestra, Janice Jo Lee, Cutsleeve

Location:Harbourfront Centre
Address:235 Queens Quay W Toronto Map
Start date:August 26, 2022
End date:August 28, 2022
Time:05:00 PM – 07:00 PM

Music is a powerful tool for expressing one’s identities, memories, or hardships. It is a tool that can send a message to all, overcoming the challenges set by language, age, or race and breaking the boundaries imposed by society.

This year, music takes centre stage as TAIWANfest returns to Harbourfront Centre, Toronto alongside our friends from Indonesia and Malaysia to hear the Stories of Independence that lie behind the melodies.

Drawing from their Indigenous roots and fusing it with new genres in their music, the four multi-talented musicians of Kanatal, an Indigenous music group from Taiwan, present their musical showcase Peace for all to hear. Alongside the TAIWANfest Orchestra, Maestro Ken Hsieh will head the Stories of Independence concert, highlighting some of the musical sounds and stories that those in Taiwan and southeast Asia can connect to. Hear folk artist and storyteller Janice Jo Lee combine art and activism to make music with power—and perhaps make you laugh, too. In the parts we could not abandon, rock band Cutsleeve offer music that dives into their own experiences of queerness and diaspora to draw out emotions that so many others have gone through.

Join us at TAIWANfest from August 26 to 28! For more details, visit https://torontotaiwanfest.ca/.