Know Yourself

2019 08   dare to
Location:Centre for Social Innovation Spadina
Address:192 Spadina Avenue Toronto Map
Start date:August 25, 2019
Time:01:00 PM – 02:45 PM

Despite the wide array of personal, professional and financial challenges and obligations in our fast-paced daily lives, have you paused to reflect or wonder:
- Who am I?
- Does life have a purpose? What is my destiny? What is the destiny of humanity?
- Is there lasting happiness and joy?
- What is the future of the human being and society? Can we live in more harmony together?
- How can I make a more meaningful difference in the world?

If yes, give Applied Philosophy a try!

Join us for an introductory presentation to our 13 week course to experience how ancient Philosophies of the East and West can be applied in our modern lives today to overcome our individual and collective challenges.

We invite you to begin this inner adventure to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, others, nature and life - DARE to discover the Philosopher in you!