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Location:The Well Bar - Hamilton 161 Wellington St N, Hamilton, ON L8L 2A9
Start date:March 10, 2023
End date:March 25, 2023
Time:07:00 PM – 09:00 PM

INSIDE is a very gay, two-hander ‘dramedy’ that provides a completely unique, site-specific performance experience starring Park Bench & Ryan Russell. Audiences will convene at The Well Bar - a gay bar at 161 Wellington Street West - before moving to the Theatre Aquarius Arts Centre for the bulk of the play.

INSIDE is the story of Tom (played by Park Bench) who follows Ryan Russell into a gay bar and watches him perform one of the famous Well Bar ‘shower dances.’ During Ryan’s act Tom tries to make contact with this well-known Canadian porn star / sex trade worker. The audience then joins the two actors as Tom follows Ryan out of the bar, listening in on their conversation as they walk the few blocks down the street to Theatre Aquarius Arts Centre (190 King William Street). A comic drama will then unfold in The Studio at Aquarius, in which Tom and Ryan discuss Tom’s ‘problem.’ In the mean-time, both men confront issues of masculinity and vulnerability - raising questions that are central to the lives of all men - gay, straight, bi, or ‘whatever’?

INISIDE is a chance to see two seasoned Canadian performers; actor/writer/ performance artist Park Bench - and Canadian sex symbol Ryan Russell - directed by veteran gay director Sky Gilbert. Yes, here in Hamilton!

AUDIENCES WILL MEET AT THE WELL BAR between 6:30-7:00pm161 Wellington Street (at Cannon)

The play will start at The Well Bar and then move down to the Theatre Aquarius Arts Centre at 191 King William Street

Please note: Audiences will be taking a 20 minute walk from The Well Bar to Theatre Aquarius. Please check the weather report and dress accordingly for cold temperatures, rain, or snow.