Festival of Arabic Music & Arts presents Orgins

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Location:Aga Khan Museum
Address:77 Wynford Dr Toronto Map
Start date:November 9, 2017
Time:07:30 PM – 10:00 PM

A new production by the Canadian Arabic Orchestra in collaboration with Hassan Tamim -Poet and Singer-. This program will be a fusion of the music of the Indigenous nations of Canada and the Levant; showcasing similarities among humans across continents, cultural and religious divide. It will be implemented through a series of performances including dancing, a fusion of two genres (Arabic and Indigenous).
Several artists will be coming together in a collaboration in order to present the “Origins” show. The Indigenous artist Laura Grizzlypaws will be singing alongside members of the Canadian Arabic Orchestra in an assortment that displays the unique characteristics of each culture’s musical heritage under the unanimous theme of humanity. They will be accompanied by the twirling Darvishes during a few of the performances to add to the mystical theme of the said songs.
Price : $30

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