Dead End

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Location:Factory Theatre
Address: Toronto Map
Start date:October 5, 2016
End date:October 23, 2016
Time:08:00 PM – 08:00 PM

Theatre Lab Premieres Jonny Sun’s Dead End October 6-23, 2016 at Factory Studio Theatre
What is there left to do when you have one bullet, one granola bar, and one zombie blocking the only exit? That’s the dilemma facing these two survivors of the zombie apocalypse. Having narrowly escaped certain death it appears their luck has finally run out. With the zombie slowly nearing, they contemplate survival, fear, humanness, and their relationship with each other.

Written by JONNY SUN (Author, Playwright, @jonnysun) and directed by MICHAEL ORLANDO (You Can Sleep When You’re Dead), DEAD END features a powerhouse cast and crew, starring CHRISTIAN SMITH (Showlo, Hatchlings Show), CHRIS WILSON (Peter N' Chris, 3-time Canadian Comedy Award winner) and CERIDWEN KINGSTONE (Inch of Your Life, Patron's Pick, Toronto Fringe 2016) and, lighting design by MELISSA JOAKIM (2016 Dora Awards nominee, Outstanding Lighting Design, The Whole Shebang 2015:Taken By Night), sound design by JASON O’BRIEN, special effects design by MEGAN FRASER. and costumes by ROSELIE WILLIAMSON.

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