Certified ScrumMaster Workshop in Kitchener-Waterloo

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Location:Delta Waterloo
Address:110 Erb Street West Waterloo Map
Start date:April 21, 2020
End date:April 22, 2020
Time:08:59 AM – 05:01 PM

In this two day course you will be introduced to Scrum concepts through a series of exercises employing Scrum methods to build a new application. During the process, you will be exposed to and practice Scrum using practical, real-world examples, learn how Scrum works, and experience the dynamics of participating as part of Scrum team.

In addition to the exercises, the course itself is conducted using a Scrum-like process to provide insight into Scrum concepts and familiarize students with Scrum processes. Practical examples demonstrate how to handle changing requirements and using Scrum to manage product backlog, estimates, and even acceptance criteria.

Finally this is one of the few CSM courses where the neuroscience and psychology of teams is discussed as applied to managing Scrum and building effective teams.

Counts as 14 Project Management Institute(PMI) Professional Development Units(PDU).