A Healthy Balance Sheet and Why It Matters (CPA Small Business Workshop)

Community:The Kingsway
Location:Brentwood Library
Address:36 Brentwood Road North Toronto Map
Start date:November 9, 2017
Time:07:00 PM – 08:00 PM

This session defines the concept of a healthy balance sheet and explain to the business owner how to create a balance sheet that will appear healthy to an investor, buyer or lender.

- What does having a healthy balance sheet mean?
- How do others look at my balance sheet?
- What are the measures of balance sheet health?
- What does an investor look at?
- What does the bank look at?
- How can I "cure" an unhealthy balance sheet?​

Presented by Eric Craig, CPA Canada.

Series: Small Business Financial Management Workshops for Adults & Older Adults

Drop-In Program. First Come, First Served.