6th Annual Halloween Food Drive

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Location:2204 Thompson Street
Address:2204 Thompson Street Shakespeare Map
Start date:October 31, 2016
Time:06:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Come on out and take the Haunted Tour, if you dare! Plenty of Tricks & Treats - Guaranteed! Fun for ALL ages!


This year we will be donating specific items to the Student Nutrition Program at Sprucedale Public School. These items include: low sugar granola bars, fruit cups, apple sauce, whole grain crackers, rice crackers, rice cakes, and any other healthy snack items for children. Donated items will also be given to the Tavistock Assistance Program (T.A.P.) as well as the Stratford House of Blessing.

If you can’t make it out Halloween night, but would still like to donate, you may drop off any donations at 2204 Thompson Street, Shakespeare, any time up until Tuesday, November 1st.
If you are unable to drop off a donation to this location, simply let us know and we will arrange to pick it up from you!

Anyone interested in volunteering for this event please contact us or send us an email @ info@shakespearemensclub.com


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