No Time to Waste! – Thriving in a Waste Free Economy

Community:St. Catharines
Location: Grand Olympia Hospitality and Convention Centre
Address:660 Barton St. Stoney Creek Map
Start date:November 17, 2016
Time:07:45 AM – 10:00 AM

Despite all of the media attention and fashion around going green, Ontario’s GHG emissions from waste have risen over 25% from 1990-2013, along with increased amounts of waste ending up in landfills. On June 1, 2016, the Ontario government passed The Waste-Free Ontario Act, aimed at fighting climate change, creating new jobs and preventing excess waste from ending up in our landfills. The act focuses on making recycling more universal, more affordable and more efficient as well as reducing preventable GHG emissions from landfills and encouraging producers to keep waste down by enforcing their responsibility for their products and packaging. Ontario is also finalizing a draft Strategy for a Waste-Free Ontario: Building the Circular Economy which will enforce a zero-waste future for generations to come. These two initiatives will see added incentives for both businesses and consumers, stiffer legislation around packaging and recycling programs, and a new governing body to oversee these changes.

With these changes imminent, Ontario businesses need to be ready to adapt to these new realities in waste management. Niagara Sustainability Initiative and Sustainable Hamilton Burlington, want to show you not just how to adapt to these new realities, but how to profit from them! Join our expert speakers to understand better how waste management works in Ontario, and to hear success stories from local businesses who have made remarkable strides in sustainable waste management and seen significant cost savings in return.

Join us on November 17th to learn more about how we can not only adapt to, but benefit from, these coming changes – after all, there’s no time to waste!

Speakers include:
Peter Hargreave, Chief Executive Officer (acting), Ontario Waste Management Association
Darren Fry, Project Director, Walker Environmental
Tony Ngo, Environmental & Sustainability Coordinator, Aryzta Ancaster/Oakrun Farm Bakery

Date: Thursday, November 17th, 2016
Location: Grand Olympia Hospitality and Convention Centre
Time: 7:45 am - 10:00 am (Breakfast Included)