Jingle Bell Brawl V Recap

Posted on Dec 14, 2016 by Chris La Plante

“You asked us time and time again, ‘when is Neo coming back?’ And we would say ‘soon’ or just ‘stay tuned’. We bided our time and hid in plain sight. We infiltrated Crossfire Wrestling right under their very nose and nobody saw us coming.”-NEO Wrestling Federation Official Facebook Page

Unbelievable. NEO just resurrected before our very eyes like an angry phoenix with Crossfire as its prey. Tyson Dux, Scotty Turner, Tiberious King, Kongo Kong and Jay Moore stood tall in the Centre of Crossfire Wrestlings ring, the championship firmly in the massive grasp of Kongo's hand. Cody Deaner's reign as Crossfire Champion was unparalleled. The Christmas Curse struck again, this time in the guise of NEO's elite core. A spectacular collision of nostalgia and fear of the war that has come. 2017 is going to be the most earth shattering chapter in Ontario wrestling history.
In his own words, Tiberious King gave this cryptic summation post-match: “We don’t want to kill Crossfire Wrestling. We want to hurt it. Hurt it bad.” The intent was obvious and in full display as Cody Deaner lay crumbled in the ring surrounded by Crossfire security and staff. The rest of Crossfire roster has already vacated by the time “it” happened.
So many questions emerge from this that it’s dizzying. It is a conspiracy theorists dream. Was NEO ever really gone? Hindsight seems to confirm NEO’s claim. Who is now aligned with who? When were the seeds planted? But the biggest question is why?

It is only by common practice that I remind the reader of who and what NEO is because if you don’t, then you must be a new fan to wrestling, and it is strictly for that reason only you would be forgiven.
NEO had its birth in 2000. And through various name changes, its core has always been the same. The heart is without question Tiberious King. Tyson Dux was a long time NEO heavyweight world champion. Scotty Turner and Andrew Davis were dominant NEO tag team champs. Cody Deaner was also competing in NEO for a protracted amount of time. Jay Moore was also firmly entrenched in the
organization. Kongo Kong is the current and reigning NEO world Champion and is now also the Crossfire World Champion. NEO’s rich history in the area and what its program produced over the past 26 years may end up shedding some light on why NEO has targeted Crossfire. But there are still far more questions.
Tiberious King intimated that this had been planned. An infiltration is a conspiracy that requires a substantial amount of time to orchestrate. But just how much time has NEO’s elite invested in this rouse? Was the crossover from NEO’s locker room an indication of an earlier hatched plot? The list of competitors that are heavily involved with NEO that have since campaigned in Crossfire is extensive. Aside from the aforementioned, the Italianos, Jaxon Jarvis, Skylar Rose, The Beaters, and former Crossfire champion Jeremy Elliott have competed enough times at Crossfire to blur the question of their respective loyalties. Whether loyalties will be called upon and for what reasons remain to be debated.
What isn’t debated is the seemingly incredible reconciliation that has occurred between Tyson Dux and Tiberious King; historically diametric foils to one another. Witnessing their enthusiastic cooperation Saturday evening raised many eyebrows, but more importantly the optics sent a very strong message to Crossfire; NEO is fully galvanized and committed to whatever their plan may be. Perhaps the most tantalizing question born from these events was the specific target of NEO’s collective attack. Cody Deaner.
“Cody Deaner, you know what you did.” That statement from Tiberious King after the chaos is both simple and complex. It can be deduced that NEO sees Deaner as Crossfire personified. It also can be surmised that attacking Crossfires’ Champion was a symbolic action with far reaching implications. Cody Deaners title run is universally recognized as the most dominant run in Crossfires history. In one calendar year, he went 7-0, defeating 9 men (2 of those matches were triple threats), 4 of which were former World Champions. The caliber and frequency of his defences is unparalleled. The parting of ways between he and Jay Moore seemed to reinvigorate him. He quickly became a beloved fan favourite. But he clearly also made some enemies.
And there is another seam that has begun to push up from beneath the surface in this affair. NEO had to have received help from inside Crossfire. It was too perfect and too convenient. Someone from Crossfire at the very least handed over important intelligence. Closely guarded control information from deep within the inner mechanism of the promotion was disseminated. And the opening attack was devastating as a result. Warfare has erupted. Damage will accumulate with the casualties on both sides to be permanent. With all beginnings, eventually comes the end. What the landscape of professional wrestling in Niagara will look like when all of this runs its course depends on factors yet to reveal themselves. 2017 will be the first and the last of an era. The WAR begins Sunday March 19th 2017 4pm Bell Time at The Merritton Community Centre 7 Park Ave St. Catharines www.crossfirewrestling.com

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