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Have you thought about outsourcing services for your business? Are you drowning in paperwork, working nights and weekends, is it all work and no play?

Now there’s a new way to take care of your administrative needs – Officeology. Outsourcing will; free your time to focus on generating activities... decrease your operating costs... and give your life balance. We can format that complex document, create that complex spreadsheet, create the form you need, make that formula work and make your presentation dazzle.

We are dedicated to providing more than just a service. We delight in exceeding our clients’ expectations and providing the peace of mind that comes from the comfort of knowing that you can let go, knowing that your business needs will be taken care of.

When you hire Officeology you only pay for time on task. You don't pay for idle time, coffee breaks and personal phone calls, there are no payroll expenses, paid vacation, CPP, E.I. and other employee related expenses. You don’t pay for and provide real estate space, office furniture, computer and other office equipment.

My name is Rhea Burns, an entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience in various industries. My goal is to work with you to get to thoroughly know your business and your needs, I believe that is the only way to effectively serve your business.

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