Knowledge Makes Cents - FUNancial Freedom Game - Mondays

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Community:Richmond Hill
Location:St. Matthews United Church
Address:333 Crosby Ave Richmond Hill Map
Start date:November 7, 2016
End date:December 5, 2016
Time:05:00 PM – 06:30 PM

For grade 4-6 students. Monday classes for 5 weeks from Nov 7 to Dec 5 @ 5PM-6:30PM
The best way to teach children good money habits is by giving them their own money to experience. Through active participation in a fun, competitive, and simplified financial game, your children will experience “real-life” and relevant money situations. They will “earn” their own income, budget between needs and wants, pay income taxes, give back to the community, build assets, and be introduced to the importance of Pay Myself First. Prizes are given to students who achieve financial freedom in this game! In addition to your child receiving a KMCents Certificate upon completion of this program, special memos are sent to you, the Chief Financial Parent, with tips on how to enhance the money lessons at home. Our students rate this financial game off the FUN chart!!
Special BRING-A-FRIEND gift! Have a friend enroll in the same program and you will receive a special gift!


Why Knowledge Makes Cents?
We believe all citizens deserve the knowledge for financial success. Money skills are life skills.
Knowledge Makes Cents does NOT sell investment products, financial services, RESPs or insurances. We are a privately-owned financial literacy academy helping families become money smart!

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