Pickering Nuclear Station: 12 more years or time to call it quits?

Location:Pickering Rec Complex, Mtng. Rm. B
Address:160 John Street, Suite 300 Toronto Map
Start date:October 25, 2016
Time:07:00 PM – 09:00 PM

Pickering is one of the world’s oldest, largest and highest-cost nuclear stations. Its 6 operating reactors are surrounded by 2.2 million people (within 30 km). Designed to last 30 years, it’s now 45, and OPG is applying for a licence to run it till it’s 57. To add insult to injury, Pickering’s power is surplus energy, and we subsidize the station $900 million per year to keep open. Meanwhile, it has a long history of accidents.

What are the safety, health and economic concerns of running Pickering to the ground? Why would we risk an accident when we have lower-cost renewable options including conservation and water power from Quebec? What about thyroid cancer and the KI pills issued by OPG?

With speakers: Ian Fairlie, expert on radioactivity; Jack Gibbons, energy economist with Ontario Clean Air Alliance; and John Coo, Green Cross Canada.

Learn more and sign our petition to close Pickering.
Info: angela@cleanairalliance.org
Hosted by Durham Nuclear Awareness and Ontario Clean Air Alliance

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