Wildlife Photography and Ecotourism

Wildlife photography
Location:Trent University- Virtual Event
Address:1600 Water Street Peterborough Map
Start date:April 19, 2021
End date:May 1, 2021
Time:01:00 PM – 02:30 PM

Presented by Trent University, this wildlife and ecotourism course will help improve your ability to photograph birds and other wildlife – their colors and diversity, their amazing and amusing behaviours and the memories associated with them.

Designed for amateur photographers who already have a digital camera and are knowledgeable about how to use it, this course focuses on enhancing existing skills specifically to capture better wildlife and landscape images, whether you shoot at the bird feeder in your backyard or journey to the ends of the earth. Students should have a DSLR camera or an advanced “bridge” or “point & shoot” camera with lenses that offer both wide-angle and telephoto shooting capability.

Wildlife shooting is one of the most challenging types of photography there is, requiring the ability to capture elusive and skittish subjects and fast, unpredictable behaviour, often in low light. The photographer must rapidly and constantly assess and juggle camera settings and environmental conditions to obtain the best results. This course will provide knowledge and tools that will help you do that.


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