PMI-DHC Presents Community Leaders Inspiring Connections Networking Event

Address:559 Bloor St W, Oshawa, ON Oshawa Map
Start date:November 17, 2016
Time:06:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Are you at a standstill and looking to reinvigorate your career to grow to new heights? Do you have an idea for a new business and are struggling with where to start? Are you looking to transition to the career you’ve always dreamed of? Join us on November 17, 2016 along with Featured Networkers, Geoff Crane from Papercut PM & Dina Barazza from Avanti Women to learn how to network effectively and put it into practice!

Collaborate and network with Durham Region leaders as we come together to connect, build, and explore the many opportunities that are available within our great community! The Project Management Institute- Durham Highlands Chapter is thrilled to announce the 3rd Annual Community Leaders Inspiring Connections (CLIC) Networking Event!

If you are interested in being an event exhibitor, please contact Katy Privett at

The 3rd Annual CLIC is not to be missed! Be sure to check out our Facebook page (@CLICEvent) and our Twitter Page (@CLICEvent3) to learn more about networking and this exciting event.

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