A PMI Lakeshore Chapter Professional Development Workshop

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Location:University of Toronto at the Mississauga (Erindale) Campus
Address:3359 Mississauga Rd N Mississauga Map
Start date:October 29, 2016
Time:08:30 AM – 12:30 PM

"Alignment & Mindfulness - The Cornerstone of Business Transformation"

Larry demonstrates how alignment and mindfulness are main contributors to creating a cohesive, communicative and cooperative team. This result in that each individual excelling in their performance while increasing corporate productivity. Attendees will gain tools and insights for self-assessment in order to become aware, take actions and transform their habits on a daily basis.

Takeaways/Outcomes of the Presentation:

- Clarity and Insights into how to improve personal performance and thrive in any situation.

- Ability to pinpoint your focus and be highly effective in a demanding environment.

- Increase ability to confidently contribute regardless of your position.

Larry is a Consultant, Author and Speaker. He has an extensive background in Information Technology and Management Consulting and has successfully managed over fifty diverse IT projects, in a variety of business verticals and in different locations around the world. Larry is a dynamic "outside of the box" thinker, and has transformed individuals and organizations around the world.

He is the author of the book ‘Thinking Breakthrough Thoughts and Taking Breakthrough Actions’.He is the author of the upcoming book Strategic Strategy ‘How to Deal with Permanent and Dramatic Change and is here today to give you some insight into Alignment and Mindfulness’. His book looks at how Mindset, Experience, Core and Creed impacts how we think, act, interact, collaborate and communicate. Moreover, how these elements can be used to help Project Managers more effectively manage their projects, improve their situation and become more confident in any situation.

Larry will take you under the covers of dealing with stakeholders, shareholders, employees and customers alike and give you some tips and share personal experience of what works to enable you to successfully manage your projects and all other facets of your daily situation.

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