Grand Opening of the Centre for Collaborative Health

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Location:1011 Upper Middle Road East, Unit A7, Oakville L6H 4L2
Address:1011 Upper Middle Road East, Unit A7 Oakville Map
Start date:October 22, 2016
Time:12:00 PM – 04:00 PM

The Centre for Collaborative Health is Oakville's first and only collaborative health clinic. We offer patients the opportunity to be assessed by key experts in healthcare, all at the same time, to deliver exceptional patient care in a team-based and interactive environment. Patients will benefit from the combined expertise, bridging conventional and complementary medical approaches for a truly dynamic and innovative clinical experience, all under one roof.

Our vision is to help Oakville residents achieve better health together.​

Through our mission, we:
Strive for exceptional patient care
Engage patients and health care providers in collaborative health
Educate our patients and the next generation of health experts
Contribute to the field of healthcare research
P romote health and wellness in the Oakville community.
Ultimately, we seek to transform healthcare through collaboration, a vision that we feel aligns well with the City of Oakville.

Our services include:
Naturopathic Medicine
Chiropractic Medicine
General Medicine
Massage Therapy

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