Does the Jewish State Treat All Jews Equally? Anat Hoffman with Rabbi Dolgin

Location:Temple Sinai Congregation of Toronto
Address:210 Wilson Avenue Toronto Map
Start date:March 7, 2021
Time:12:00 PM – 01:00 PM

A Temple Sinai Program: Does the Jewish State Treat All Jews Equally?
Anat Hoffman with Rabbi Michael Dolgin
Sunday, March 7 at Noon
Despite the Reform movement arguably being the largest in world Jewry, it has never received much support from the Israeli government or the Chief Rabbinate. For many years, Reform Jews in Israel have suffered discrimination and even violence, and the Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC) has endured many legal struggles on the way.

With Anat Hoffman and IRAC's persistence, we have seen some development in a positive and more cordial direction. Nonetheless, the status quo still prevails in Israeli society today.

Join Anat as she reflects on the current legal status of the Reform Movement in Israel together with Rabbi Michael Dolgin. Anat will address the challenges of having Reform conversions and weddings recognized, equal governmental funding, and the challenges facing our congregations. She will also discuss IRAC’s plans to work with the new Israeli government on these issues.

Anat Hoffman is an Israeli activist and serves as Executive Director of the Israel Religious Action Center, also known as IRAC. She is the director and founding member of Nashot HaKotel, also known as Women of the Wall.

For more information visit us at, email or call the Temple Office at 416-487-4161.

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