PEO York Chapter, 2016 AMD Mathletics Competition

Location:Sir William Mulock Secondary School ,Newmarket
Address:Sir William Mulock Secondary School , 705 Columbus Way (West of Yonge St. and South of Mulock Dr.) Newmarket Map
Start date:October 22, 2016
Time:10:00 AM – 04:00 PM

AMD Mathletics is a competition designed to create a passion in the application of mathematics in solving day-to-day scientific and engineering problems. Students will be challenged to be active and creative in the use of mathematics. Different facets of mathematics will be introduced and tested. An electronics audience response system (clicker) will be used for participant to answer a series of questions in both numeric and multiple choices format. Questions will be projected on a screen and the participants will respond using the remote/clickers. Results and answers will also be displayed on a large screen. More details can be found in the Rules and Scoring section below.
During the Mathletics competition, there will also be an AMD Challenge (automatically enrolled) .