Introduction to Mediumship

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Location:Cherry Valley South
Address:304 Court st Newmarket Map
Start date:November 11, 2017
Time:10:00 AM – 04:00 PM

Introduction to Mediumship
This workshop is for people who are just coming into their gifts.
"Have you ever had experiences, whether awake or asleep, where you knew, felt, heard or sensed information about something or someone without having prior knowledge of any given person/situation?
Are you perplexed as to how you came to know, feel or sense these things?
Perhaps it is because you are a gifted medium. Everyone comes into the world with psychic abilities, whether we choose to develop them or not. But not everyone is a medium.
Right now, more than ever, the world is in dire need of healing and people with mediumship abilities are beginning to awaken to their gifts! If you think you are one of these people you may find yourself on the threshold of wanting to develop and hone your natural ability and step into your life purpose. Spirit may be calling upon you!
In this course, "INTRODUCTION TO MEDIUMSHIP", you will learn:
●everything is energy and energy is in everything
●self care for mediums
●how to recognize your strongest 'clairs' (heightened senses) and develop them in order to bring authentic messages through spirit
●introduction to psychic symbolism that helps you decipher messages from spirit
●developing a cooperative connection to your spirit guides, and
●gaining a deep respect for the spirit world and its inner workings.
How to set an intention to connect
Saturday November 14, 2017 at304 Court St Newmarket ON L3Y 3S5
10am-4pm $100 lunch provided.
To register 905-895-2871

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