The Lunar Lanterns of Indigenous Lights

Mark seabrook 01 02
Location:Varley Art Gallery
Address:216 Main St Unionville Unionville Map
Start date:April 9, 2021
End date:April 22, 2021
Time:09:00 AM – 09:00 PM

Amidst the darkness of recent times, six lunar lanterns are set to light up Unionville this April, featuring the artwork of local Indigenous artists including Mark Seabrook, Philip Cote, John Rambough, and Sherry Crawford. The colourful depictions of the natural landscape around us and their retellings of legends seek to ignite a warmth within our hearts in time for the withdrawing winter.

Visit Varley Art Gallery to view these pieces of local artwork from a socially safe distance from April 9th - 22nd. See for all details.