A Psychic Soirée

Location:Homer Watson House & Gallery
Address:1754 Old Mill Road Kitchener Map
Start date:October 22, 2016
Time:07:00 PM – 10:00 PM

The peaceful and quiet appearance of Homer Watson House & Gallery hides well its secret haunting. Visitors and staff have reported that they have distinctly felt the presence of a spirit in the house on more than one occasion.

Feel the presence of spiritual beings and unlock mysteries from the past, present and future at Homer Watson House & Gallery’s “A Psychic Soirée”. Book a 15 or 30 minute session with one or more of our psychics featuring tarot cards, runes, mediums, angel cards and more. Psychic sessions are available for $20 per 15 minute session or $35 per 30 minute session. Sessions can be purchased by calling the Gallery at 519-748-4377.

In addition to our psychic sessions, staff will also be on hand to tell fun and entertaining stories of Homer Watson’s spiritual past. Enjoy tasty beverages and sweet Halloween treats. Join us for another fun evening at our spiritually charged site! Make sure to get your tickets early, as they always sell out fast! Don't miss out on your chance to delve into the unknown!


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