MIXED Theatre Hamilton Presents Another Birthday At The Buffet

Address:41 King William St., Suite 206 Hamilton Map
Start date:July 24, 2021
End date:July 26, 2021
Time:12:00 PM – 11:00 PM

MIXED Theatre Hamilton’s Another Birthday At The Buffet is a theatrical production that explores the challenges Asians face in a post pandemic world. Part of the 2021 Hamilton Fringe Festival’s Theatre On Demand series the production is performed and recorded at the Bridgeworks Event Space. It will be available to be streamed live and on demand and include English and Chinese (Simplified) closed captions. To purchase tickets visit the Hamilton Fringe Festival’s website at hamiltonfringe.ca. To experience this one hour production you need to buy a $5 Hamilton Fringe backer button. Ticket prices are PWYCA (Pay What You Can Afford) at $5, $12 or $20 per person.

In Another Birthday At The Buffet the staff of a Chinese buffet restaurant are back at work after the latest Pandemic lockdown: the owner, Richard (James Cheng); the front-end supervisor, Diane (Madelaine Hodges); a kitchen staffer, Mark (Sean Chen); two servers, Liz and Anna (Marina Yap and Jenn Tan); and a bartender, Toby (Ethan Zuchkan).

The pandemic is an issue in everyone’s lives across the globe. For the characters in Writer and Producer Luis Arrojo’s Another Birthday At The Buffet the Pandemic it is just another obstacle in their lives. The bigger issue facing them is the middle space they as Asians occupy in the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) diaspora. How does occupying this space affect their upbringing and shape their place in Canadian society? Another Birthday At The Buffet takes place in that server station between the public space of the dining room, and the back of house that is the kitchen. Director Steven Hao stages the play as a single piece of real time in the work lives of these characters.

MIXED Theatre Hamilton, was founded by Luis Arrojo to encourage, develop, and produce shows by Artists of Colour. Another Birthday At The Buffet is the company’s fourth production following their critically acclaimed 2013 production of Joan MacLeod’s Amigo's Blue Guitar; their 2018 entry in the HamilTEN Festival, Fake News, also penned by Luis Arrojo; and their 2020 Frost Bites Festival coproduction of Migrant Stories with Bee Right Back Productions co-written by Arrojo and Bryan Boodhoo. MIXED Theatre Hamilton was awarded the first BIPOC performance slot offered through the Hamilton Fringe Festival’s lottery. The slot included a mentorship. MIXED Theatre Hamilton is honoured to have Aaron Jan as their mentor and dramaturge.