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Our office is dedicated to providing the highest quality optometric care at affordable fees.
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Every staff member at Dr. Fung’s office has been trained to help you with your every eye care need. With so many choices and new technology it is very overwhelming when it comes to finding what is right for you and your lifestyle. We stay informed and up-to-date with what is going on in the industry by attending seminars and conferences often and we are the perfect ally when it comes to choosing the right spectacles and/or contact lenses for you. Please take advantage of our expertise!

Leslie has been with Dr. Lisa Fung and Associates from the beginning when the office first opened in 1996. As the manager, she keeps the office running smoothly and ensures that our customer service is at its best. She is constantly keeping our frame room modern and fresh so you can always find a frame to suit your style.

Leslie-Ann has been at our office since 2005 and is a certified Optometric Assistant. She works meticulously at edging your lenses into your new frame and is great at trouble shooting any problems you may have.

Kayla has been at our office since 2010. She will greet you with her a big smile and makes you feel welcome at the office. Take advantage of her professional advice for selecting the proper frame and lenses for your visual needs.

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