New Year's Resolutions or Goal Setting

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Community:Liberty Village
Location:Liberty Grace Church
Address:25 Liberty Street Toronto Map
Start date:January 28, 2020
Time:06:00 PM – 08:00 PM

Is making New Year's Resolutions or Goal Setting the same thing? I think not. To me, making New Year's Resolutions are just making wishes, mere dreams. For example, "I'm going to become a better speaker starting January 1st".

When you set a goal, you say where you want to go and then plan how you are going to get there. For example, "I am going to become a better speaker starting January 1st, by May 31st, I will have completed my first educational goal!"

See the difference between New Year's Resolutions and Goal Setting?

There is one thing that can keep you from reaching your goals, procrastination. DON'T! Toastmasters can help you become the speaker and leader you want to be transformed. Toastmasters International has been assisting thousands to learn how to use their voices!

Utilizing our interactive 21-century educational system builds your confidence, leadership and presentation skills so you can confidently have an exciting conversation with your neighbour or standing in front of your peers, giving an excellent presentation.

Toastmasters is a ninety-year-old, non-profit educational organization that operates to promote a safe place to improve your communication and public speaking skills

During our next meeting, we are going to talk about the highs and lows about New Year's Resolutions or Goal Setting. Why don't you join us? The meeting is free, no-obligation! Register today! Please enter the building using the door on Atlantic. Thank You!

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