Kitchen Table Climate Conversation

Location:on Zoom
Address:60 Lowther st Toronto Map
Start date:March 3, 2021
Time:07:00 PM – 09:00 PM

Taking the Climate Justice Conversation Online
Kitchen Table Climate Conversation Webcast Series
Acknowledge, Imagine, Collaborate

Some of the most important subjects are the most difficult to talk about! Perhaps they cause anxiety, present challenges or require change. Often they pose very real threats and impact us and the world around us profoundly. They can feel overwhelming and out of control. This is true of the many interconnected crises we face. It is true right now, with COVID-19. It is true ongoing, with the climate crisis.

So, what can we do to face the challenges and create the change required?

Talking about it is a good start! In fact, one of the most significant things we can do is to create a compassionate space for one another to share experiences, feelings and explore ideas. With Kitchen Table Climate Conversations (KTCC’s), we suggest that you reach out and gather people round your virtual table for an open but structured conversation about climate justice.

To help empower these conversations, ClimateFast is running a series of KTCC webcasts on Monday nights throughout March - the 1st, 15th, 29th and April 12th between 7-9pm.

In a circle of conversational openness, we can acknowledge the impacts and challenges we face and the vital need for climate justice. We can spend some time expressing ourselves, fostering connection, empowering and inspiring each other. We can envision a better future and explore solutions and actions together.

More about Webcast 1:
The first webcast in the series encompasses how to talk about the climate and facilitate climate conversations, including how to engage emotions. We’ll explore the importance of these conversations right now, the urgent need for climate justice and a just and green recovery.

Register here for Part 1:
Bringing People Together
Monday March 1st, 7-9pm

•Conversational Context: A discussion about Climate Justice, Health and the Climate and of a Just, Green Recovery.
•Conversation Facilitation: How to facilitate conversations, including making space for emotions.

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