Bizarro's Factory of Fear

Location:Mizener's Antiques and Flea Market
Address:367 Highway 5 West Dundas Map
Start date:October 1, 2016
End date:October 30, 2016
Time:07:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Open Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday in October 7pm-11pm!

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Ghosts and Goblins, things of fear, in the haunting hours, they ALL MEET HERE! Bizarro's Factory of Fear Haunted Attraction welcomes guests to Hamilton Ontario's scariest haunted attraction! Get ready to scream as you make your way through the dark twisted hallways of Charles Bizarro's twisted imagination! There are monsters waiting around every corner to make your worst nightmare become a reality! You are now the star of your own Horror Movie! Will you make it out alive? Or will the monsters of the Factory Of Fear consume another victim? Situated at Mizener's Antique and Flea Market on Highway 5 West in Flamborough, Bizarro's Factory of Fear is truly frightening! Feel the insecurities while you walk through the pitch dark of the 64 Acre property, what lies around every barn, silo and corner is still a mystery Hollywood style sets, amazing special effects, state of the art sound and visual effects, live entertainment, amazing vendors and more wait for you at this one of a kind attraction! A portion of proceeds goes to various not for profit charities to help support the community around us! We welcome you to experience fear at it's purest form! Visit for more information!

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