Maple Grove Fair Trade Sale

Community:Halton Region
Location:Maple Grove Church (346 Maple Grove Drive, Oakville)
Address:346 Maple Grove Drive Oakville Map
Start date:November 20, 2016
Time:10:00 AM – 03:00 PM

There will be a Fashion Show at this year’s annual Maple Grove Fair Trade Sale, showing how Fair Trade Fashion can be trendy. This sale takes place on Sunday, Nov. 20, from 10-3, at 346 Maple Grove Drive (Maple Grove United Church).
The fashion industry is the second largest industrial polluter, after oil, and it’s one of the worst offenders when it comes to fair wages and safe working conditions. The Netflix documentary, “The True Cost,” exposes many serious problems within the fashion industry, through disturbing images, such as toxic waste from leather factories flowing into India’s water—50 million litres a day. Children are forced to live and work at these factories; their life expectancy is twenty-five years.
Workers in developing countries, like Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Pakistan, earn less than three dollars a day making garments to satisfy our growing demand for cheap, disposable, “fast fashion.” And the number of children working in sweatshops, is estimated, by the International Labour Organization, to be 168 million. They are also forced to work in unsafe conditions, resulting in deadly factory fires and buildings that collapse. The irony, as seen in “The True Cost,” is that the fashion industry generates trillions of dollars in profit every year.
Sweatshops don’t exist within the Fair Trade vocabulary. Fair Trade means fair wages, safe working conditions, and sustainable production methods to preserve the environment. There are no harmful, toxic dyes used, as seen in India’s leather factories, and workers learn valuable skills that enable them to start their own businesses, put their children through school, and pass on their knowledge to ensure more people become self-sufficient.
At the Maple Grove Fair Trade Sale, you’ll see how Fair Trade looks, feels, and tastes. There will be vendors representing artisans from all over the world, selling food, jewelry, home décor, clothing, and holiday items.
The fashion show begins at 1:00, and will feature garments and accessories from our own vendors. We also have a COBS CHILLI Lunchroom, where you’ll be able to buy a bowl of chilli, a bun from COBS, and a drink for five dollars. All proceeds will go to Sleeping Children Around the World, which provides bed kits and school supplies for children in developing countries.
By helping people in developing worlds become financially independent, and by protecting the environment, we can repair the world.