Candace de Taeye Book Launch

Location:The eBar
Start date:November 10, 2016
Time:07:00 PM – 09:00 PM

We're celebrating the launch of Candace de Taeye's new book, "Small Planes and the Dead Fathers of Lovers" with a party at the eBar.

We'll have reading by three poets from Brick Books, Nora Gould (reading from "Selah"), Genevieve Lehr (reading from "Stomata"), and Angeline Schellenberg (reading from "Tell Them It Was Mozart").

We'll also have music – ambient electronic loop and pedal based psychedelic soundscapes – by Hymns 57.

If you want to meet the authors before hand, you can also drop by 130 Dublin Street at 5:30 PM for homemade soup and bread, then walk over to the eBar with us.