Walkability in Jackson's Point

Posted on Apr 13, 2016 by Daniel Foch

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Late in 2015 I wrote this article about why neighbourhood walkability is going to play a large role in the development of Georgina. Neighbourhood walkability is a major demand amongst the three most prominent real estate buyer groups in Georgina’s market in 2016:

First time homebuyers in Jackson’s Point

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First time home buyers demand walkability for its urban authenticity and the friendliness and simplicity it adds to their neighbourhood. These buyers also benefit from the cost savings of decreasing their automobile dependency.
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Multi-Family Residential Real Estate Investors in Jackson’s Point

Multi-Family Residential Real Estate Investors demand walkability because tenants demand it. Residential tenants value proximity to bus and transit routes, major amenities, and employment centres.
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Senior Home Buyers and Empty Nesters in Jackson’s Point

Seniors downsizing in living arrangements value walkability because proximity simplifies their life. As these buyers age, they become less inclined to use the automobile, and like to be close to health care, doctors’ offices, shopping, restaurants, and other amenities. Seniors also value the health benefits of walking to their amenities from their real estate investment.
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I wrote the article in order to lay the foundation for a series of follow-up posts, which will analyze the best neighbourhoods in Georgina in terms of walkability, new urbanism, and pedestrian functionality.

Jackson’s Point, Ontario features a very dynamic and synergistic mix of uses and walkable features that offer residents intimate connection to Lake Simcoe, simultaneously offering access to a number of amenities demanded by residents. Jackson’s Point Village, is represented by the Jackson’s Point Village Business Improvement Area. The area is incredibly historic in nature:

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Jackson’s Point was originally part of a naval land grant made to Captain William Bouchier in 1819. John Mills Jackson settled the land, which was first used as a wharf facility for schooners travelling Lake Simcoe. As transportation improved by steamers, and the arrival of railroads by 1877, seasonal residents began to settle in the area.

* * * * *

The historic charm presented by Jackson’s Point adds a genuine feeling to its stature as Ontario’s First Cottage Country. The area lives up to title by providing amenities more focused around leisure and recreation than permanent utility. With that being said, the area still excels by traditional standards of residential real estate utility, given its proximity to Sutton. There are both public and separate schools within walking distance along the Dalton Road corridor towards Sutton, dotted with strip malls, restaurants, and retail establishments. Within the Jackson’s Point Village area, residents enjoy an assortment of historic and recreation-driven businesses such as gift shops, ice-cream parlours, and a number of restaurants.

The area also benefits from having seasonal traffic and energy from the many visitors in the Greater Toronto Area who come to the area for the beaches on Lake Simcoe, the numerous golf courses, as well as customers of The Briars resort and the Salvation Army Conference Centre and Camp. Sutton & Jackson’s Point has a projected 2031 Population of 15,150 residents within the Secondary Plan area.

Jackson’s Point’s community also features a number of events hosted by local community groups, such as the Painted Perch.

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