Qigong in the Garden

Location:45 Winnipeg Road
Address:45 Winnipeg Road Etobicoke Map
Start date:May 30, 2017
End date:September 26, 2017
Time:07:00 PM – 08:00 PM

Enjoy a summer program of Qigong in a beautiful garden setting on Winnipeg Road. Qigong much like Tai Chi is meditation in motion. The gentle flowing movements of qigong help remove blockages in the body and enable your energy or qi to move freely. Qigong predates the development of acupuncture and martial arts and is believed to be the early form of what became Traditional Chinese medicine. Each movement is repeated 6 to 12 times, so it is not necessary for beginners to learn a set of 108 movements. The movements of qigong can be done in isolation or shorter sets of 18 movements called Shibashi. Classes will begin Tuesday, May 30th and run every Tuesday evening from 7 till 8 pm. Location is 45 Winnipeg Road and there is parking on the street. First class is free. No commitment necessary. Pay as you go $10 a class.