Book Signing! Local Author. The Addicting, "Unforgivable Series!"

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Community:Essex County
Location:Belle River Stroll The Streets. (Main Street.) Notre' Dame Street.
Start date:September 21, 2018
Time:06:00 PM – 08:30 PM

Read what all the excitement is about in this emotional roller coaster! Come meet Author Shay Lee Soleil and get a signed copy of the hottest new series that's spreading like wildfire! Readers love this series and hope for it to be a movie one day.

5 out of 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ By April
So exciting! Took my breath away! This series just gets better as you flip the pages feverishly! Unforgivable Lust and Restraint had me feeling so many emotions from happy to sad, tears and anger from what the characters were going through. I don't think a book has EVER tested my emotions like this. I've read many Danielle Steel books, but Shay Lee Soleil 's Unforgivable series, I can picture it as a movie one day! I will be the first one in line at the movie theatre. Please tell me Keera and Bryce stay together? Great job Shay Lee! You have me hooked!! Hurry with Book 3.!!!!!!!!!!!

A romance like no other. It is raw, amusing, and filled with suspense. The Unforgivable Series is an honourable story that will capture your heart. The series you don't want to miss. It will stay with you forever!
Hot, Dominant, Firefighter, Bryce Hamilton came into the beautiful Keera Johnson's life like a firestorm, engulfing her with the flame of desire. Saving her, from not only a life of loneliness but from an obsessive stalker. A stalker who lashes out by leaving notes and setting fires. A skilled arsonist he's quickly becoming.

Bryce and Keera's love, consuming, scorching hot, passionate and wild from the moment they laid eyes upon each other. He was her addiction. She was his. A habit neither one wanted to break.

But then, Keera learns of an ex-girlfriend who can't let go and Bryce may still have feelings for her. Can their relationship survive with so many obstacles? Will a new acquaintance steal Keera away from the only love she's ever known?

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