Summer Intensive: Digital Art & Design at Winged Canvas Art Hub

Web digital art
Location:185 Bullock Drive #1 Markham, Ontario L3P 7R4
Address:185 Bullock Drive, ##1 Markham Map
Start date:August 26, 2019
End date:August 30, 2019
Time:10:15 AM – 04:30 PM

If you’re interested in graphic design, this is a camp you won’t want to miss!
First, we’ll dive into the seven principles of design so teens will learn the fundamentals. Then we’ll learn how to apply those principles in a variety of digital projects, such as logo and poster design that explore typography and iconography. Students can choose whether to pursue digital painting or design in their final project.

Skills learned: Principles of Design, typography, layout, colour theory

Supplemental Programs: Character & Game Design 1 & 2

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