Jazz Vespers

Community:East Danforth
Location:Hope United Church
Address:2550 Danforth Avenue Toronto Map
Start date:October 28, 2017
Time:04:30 PM – 05:15 PM

On the 4th Saturday of every month, we highlight a local jazz musician or group as part of our Jazz Vespers series. This event is open to people of all ages. Our featured artists this month are Christopher Platt, guitarist, and Josh Smiley, pianist.
Christopher Platt is an accomplished guitarist with a broad range of influencing genres, such as blues, jazz, Motown, and Brazilian, which he infuses into his music while keeping the jazz spirit. His teen years were spent writing songs, leading bands, and developing his skills in pursuit of his dream. He attended Mohawk College for a diploma in Applied Music and later received a Degree in Jazz Performance at the University of Toronto. Now he is an emerging artist within the Toronto jazz scene and busy performing, teaching, and writing music.
Josh Smiley is a jazz pianist and graduate of the University of Toronto’s Jazz Performance program and of Mohawk College with Honours. He has received many scholarships due to his outstanding performance, such as the Antony Roberts Music Excellence Award. With the Hamilton All Star Jazz Band, he performed in jazz festivals across Canada and throughout Europe. He is currently performing at venues across Toronto.

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