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Community:Downtown Toronto
Start date:October 13, 2018
Time:06:30 PM – 10:00 PM

The intrigue begins when you meet some colourful characters around dessert time., as you finish your fabulous meal. The plot thickens when somebody you've just met... dies! A detective leads the investigation. The suspects are spread throughout the room. So, you get to participate and see if you can solve... whodunit?!

Playing: Spy School (MISSION RIDICULOUS!) at the Chelsea Hotel, Downtown Toronto (33 Gerard St West)

All Aboard!!! The great detective Hercule Perrier sifts through a tangled web of clues and evidence and applies the little grey cells to investigate the psychology of the colourful characters who are your fellow passengers aboard the famous train!

Arrival for buffet dinner is from 6:30 pm.
Mystery starts at 8:00 pm.

Dinner & Mystery: $119 per person including HST & gratuity.
Call Box Office for reservations at 416-486-7469 or visit www.MysteriouslyYours.ca