Love You to Death - A Murder Mystery Cabaret

Love you to death6
Community:Downtown Toronto
Location:Buddies in Bad Times Cabaret Space
Address:12 ALEXANDER STREET Toronto Map
Start date:October 27, 2016
Time:08:00 AM – 05:00 PM

Take a dash of Chicago, a sprinkle of CSI, a pinch of Nine, a swig of your favorite cult classic horror film and you’ve got our fun new theatre show.

Small But Mighty presents their latest production “Love You to Death,” a Murder Mystery Cabaret. The story follows wealthy playboy millionaire Derek Van Hout and his six lovers. After receiving a mysterious invitation in the mail, all six of Derek’s lovers meet for the first time at his secluded bungalow just north of Toronto. Tempers flare, hearts are broken, and mysteriously, Derek is murdered. Grappling with the extent of his indiscretions, the lovers attempt to get to the bottom of Derek’s sudden and suspicious death. Six lovers, six suspects.
A delightful show riddled with conflict, accusations, deception- and loving someone to death!

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