Advanced Certified ScrumMaster Workshop in Toronto April 14-15, 2020

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Location:Marriott Toronto Downtown Eaton Centre 525 Bay Street Toronto, ON, M5G 2L2
Address:525 Bay Street Toronto Toronto Map
Start date:April 14, 2020
Time:08:59 AM – 05:01 PM

• Are you a ScrumMaster who wants to learn new tools and techniques to be more effective in your role?
• Are you trying to spark real change in your organization?
• Do you want to advance your career in Agile coaching?

We can help you do that.

The Challenges You Face
If you’re coaching a new project for your organization and doing all the right things, but still aren’t getting the results you hoped for, it can be tough to keep going. Doubts and insecurities can start to creep in. This workshop is for Scrum professionals who want a deeper understanding of the Scrum mindset: why we use Scrum and how to apply it effectively. Resilience for both your team and organization are key, but how do you make that happen in the real world? How do you build a Team that can adapt and respond to development bottlenecks, changing markets, and any number of other surprises? You can’t learn how to overcome challenges like this by sitting through boring slideware or lectures. Those aren’t effective or engaging, and that’s why our training is different. As one of Canada’s foremost experts and pioneers in Scrum and Agile and a specialist in growing high-performance teams and organizations, Mark Levison offers you a meaningful, collaborative experience that departs from traditional training methods. He uses simulations and exercises, grounded in his research into the neuroscience of learning, to help you gain hands-on experience and apply your new knowledge and skills. Discussion and practice will address your “Sure, but how do we do that in real life?” questions. You will be introduced to advanced techniques for using Scrum, giving you greater confidence in your practice of Scrum and Agile before you even leave the workshop.

In this two-day course, you will learn how to advance your skills and knowledge while gaining hands-on practice and insight into handling the complex challenges faced by Scrum teams and organizations. Drawing from extensive experience and study, as well as that of the thousands of ScrumMasters we’ve trained, we discuss how to strengthen your team and address the most common questions that typically start with, “Yeah, but in the real world…?” In addition to the exercises, the course itself is conducted using a Scrum-like process to provide advanced insight into Scrum concepts and techniques and instil students with a Scrum mindset. Practical examples demonstrate how to handle changing requirements using Scrum to facilitate communication, overcome conflicts and impediments, and increase team engagement and performance.

This is one of the few A-CSM courses in the world where the applications of neuroscience and psychology of teams are discussed and you can use them to better organize Scrum and build effective teams.

Counts as 14 Project Management Institute(PMI) Professional Development Units(PDU). This is the second step on the path to becoming a Certified Scrum Professional – ScrumMaster®.

Key Concepts
This course covers the following, through a mix of in-class lectures and practical exercises designed to introduce and expand on the following concepts, practices, and methods:

• Learn how to improve the flow of development, from Vision to Completed Product
• Practice solving the most common challenges that teams experience and how to avoid them
• Explore the challenge of collaboration across multiple teams
• Practice facilitating more effective meetings, from Daily Scrums to Retrospectives
• Improve your effectiveness with various Agile tools commonly used in the practice of Scrum
• Complete the education requirements to become an Advanced Certified ScrumMaster®