Babysitting Basics course

Location:St. John Ambulance 80 Bradford St. Suite 400 Barrie
Address:80 Bradford Street, Suite 400 Barrie Map
Start date:January 24, 2020
Time:08:30 AM – 04:30 PM

A St. John Ambulance course developed for youth ages 11 – 15.
This course provides New Babysitters with the necessary skills to provide care to children in a variety of situations. This course emphasizes: Safety rules; Responding to Emergencies; and Development of Leadership Skills.

Course content includes:
• Become a successful babysitter
• How to care for Infants, Toddler and School aged children; including (healthy meals, safe play, diapers, bedtime routines and much more).
• How to make the correct decisions when dealing with the behaviour of children
• Handling Emergencies
• Caring for a sick or injured child
• Prevention and basic First Aid – Choking, CPR, Head Injuries, poisonings, Burns and much more.

Take home Materials: Babysitters Manual, Babysitting Certificate and a small babysitting First aid kit. Cost: $65 per person, HST exempt. To register call (705) 726-0991.