Polar Bears Go Up! (Fish and Game/Unicorn Theatre)

Polar bears go up   photo 1
Location:The Burlington Performing Arts Centre
Address:440 Locust Street Burlington Map
Start date:April 7, 2018
Time:11:00 AM – 12:00 AM

Adult $14 (Includes Fees + Tax)
Child $14 (Includes Fees + Tax)

Two lovable, intrepid explorer Polar Bears are quite famous for their wild expeditions. But after a yummy snack of sandwiches and a lively bit of fun, something becomes amiss – they lose their balloon and need to get it back. Of course, the only way to retrieve a balloon is to go up, step up, climb up and jump up. Their determination to get back their treasure becomes an adventure filled with air balloons, gondola rides, airplanes and spaceships. One thing’s for sure, the only way is up!

Ideal for children ages 2-5.

What better way to spend a Saturday morning than to laugh, sing and play at our Cushion Concert! Join us for a performance that sparks the imagination, and don’t miss out on the fun lobby activities after the show!