Patricia O’Callaghan Sings Leonard Cohen

Patricia o 2
Location:The Burlington Performing Arts Centre
Address:440 Locust Street Burlington Map
Start date:October 27, 2017
Time:07:30 PM – 09:30 PM

Regular $45 (Includes Fees + Tax)
Series $40 (Includes Fees + Tax)

Canadian troubadour Leonard Cohen receives a woman’s touch at the hands of his compatriot, cabaret chanteuse Patricia O’Callaghan. Mixing his lesser-known songs with new twists on the hits, Patricia peppers them with French and Spanish, giving them cultural context and taking them into the realm of art song. Patricia’s easy connection with the audience, her striking stage presence, and her warm, crystalline voice create an ambiance of intimacy that perfectly serves the songs of Mr. Cohen. Amongst the songs are stories, chatter, and poetry. A few non-Cohen tunes may appear… perhaps an exotic folk song Leonard Cohen has been influenced by. After all, as gorgeous as Cohen’s songs are, a dash of pep and context always enriches the experience!

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