Washed Ashore-Art To Save The Sea

Location:Toronto Zoo
Address:2000 Meadowvale Scarborough Map
Start date:May 18, 2019
End date:November 20, 2019
Time:09:00 AM – 07:00 PM

Washed Ashore is an aesthetically powerful art installation that is built completely from plastics found in oceans and waterways around the world. A first for Canada, this unique exhibit educates about the negative and devastating effects of plastic pollution and to spark positive changes in consumer habits. Each year, sea birds, whales, seals, sea turtles and other marine life die after ingesting plastic or becoming entangled in the plastic debris and approximately 300 million pounds of plastic is produced globally each year and less than 10 percent of that is recycled.

Find out what YOU can do to make a difference in your day-to-day life and experience this important and timely exhibition with 10 larger-than-life sculptures including an eight foot tall penguin, a twelve foot high jelly fish and Washed Ashore’s newest sculpture, an 800 lb shark. Exhibit is Free with Zoo admission and runs until November 2019.

More details coming soon and information on Washed Ashore can be found at http://washedashore.org/


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