Children's Things

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Eco-friendly Highchair
Made with a biodegradable resin and BPA free, this eco-friendly high chair is good for the environment and your toddler. Adjustable settings and a no-slip grip ensure your child is safe at any age during any meal.
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Lightweight Compact Stroller
Ideal for toddlers and older babies, the lightweight frame and easy fold feature make this an ideal stroller for travelling parents. With a sturdy aluminum frame, wide tires and compact storage, this stroller is perfect in any situation.
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Baby Walker
With the freedom of movement your baby is free to explore in the safety of their walker. With a bumper system, your baby is safe from bumps and bruises and the toy attachment
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Carriage Stroller
Take stroll in the park with this trendy stroller with a removable car seat. A sleek design matched with superb safety and comfort, your toddler will ride in style.
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Classic Wooden Crib
Made from solid oak, the classic design will last for yours to come. The adjustable frame fits any mattress and the child proof locks will keep your toddlers from jumping ship.
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Full Sized Stroller
Travel with all the essentials and comfort of a full sized stroller with storage, weather tarp and a comfortable reclining seat. Designed with safety and comfort in mind, this stroller holds all of your toddler’s essentials and has a removable seat for car rides.
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Adjustable Baby Walker
This customizable baby walker lets your baby move around in comfort and safety. With an advance locking mechanism and large bumper your baby is safe and ready to take its first steps.
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Cedar Crib with Storage
For the parents without enough storage space, this crib will keep your toddler and all their things in one place. You’ll never have to search for their favourite teddy in the middle of the night again.
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Adjustable 3in1 Highchair
This customizable highchair redefines multipurpose with an adjustable height setting, a removable seat and wheels for easy transport and storage. Easy to use locking system that’s baby proof, you can ensure your child is safe and comfortable in this highchair.
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