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Certified Interior Decorator specializing in space planning and renovations.
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As a seasoned interior decorator in the Toronto area, Sharyn Kastelic is an accredited visionary for functional and stylish interior design. Recognized by her peers for her ability to create timeless elegance with comfortable and sophisticated furnishings, her designs have won three CDECA awards; in 2015 for her Light & Airy Bathroom project; in 2012 for a Basement Bathroom renovation; and in 2009 for her Ranch Kitchen Reno project.

Primed By Design Inc. specializes in all facets of residential interior decorating with an emphasis on space planning. “I like using a computer-aided design (CAD) program to draw walls and move furniture around, which is a creative method that lets me get my head into a space to see the possibilities”.

Kastelic finds it very gratifying to change how a space functions for its users – not just making it more stylish but making it more organized and functional.

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