IGNITE - All Treats and NO tricks.

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Location:#4 - unit 24 Vata Court Aurora, Ontario
Address:#4 - unit 24 Vata Court Aurora Map
Start date:October 31, 2016
Time:06:30 PM – 08:00 PM

IGNITE is presented by the Kingdom Treasures of The Redemption House Aurora. Kingdom Treasures are the burning flames that can not be contained; bringing hope to the children who would have being without hopes, bringing company to children who are lonely, using the gifts in them to demonstrate love towards those feeling unloved and shining bright the Light of Love.
The Redemption House treats many children to joy, gifts, fun, and dinner the last day of every October.
Join the Kingdom Treasures and children from all and sundry to IGNITE the World. IGNITE is a display of Godly talents and showcase of the Spiritual gifts among children.
It is Entertaining, Fun and Inspiring.
Admission is FREE.

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