Leslieville at a glance


Posted on Sep 13, 2015
Leslieville is a lovely neighbourhood in the east end of Toronto that is located between Riverdale and The Beaches. It...
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East end at a glance

The East End

Posted on Sep 13, 2015
The East End is an area of the City of Toronto. The East End is to the east of Downtown...
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The "GTA"

Posted on Aug 30, 2015
The term Greater Toronto has been used in writing as early as the 1900s, although at the time, the term...
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The Province of Ontario

Posted on Sep 14, 2015
Ontario is one of the ten provinces of Canada and it is located in the eastern-central region of Canada. Ontario...
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About downtown

Downtown Toronto

Posted on Aug 30, 2015
Downtown Toronto is the main business district of the City of. It is the center of Toronto and its main...
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Beaches area

The Beach or the Beaches?

Posted on Oct 17, 2015
The Beaches is a lovely neighbourhood in the east end of Toronto and it lies along the beautiful shores of...
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May 2016: Massive Surge in Luxury Real Estate Demand in Georgina

Posted on Jun 9, 2016
Continuing the conclusions from last month’s report, higher-end and luxurious properties have played a consistent role in Georgina’s Spring Market....